Connecting Point

Connecting Point is your next step to learn more about Bridge of Hope Church, discover your gifts, and connect to your purpose. There are 4 levels of Connecting Point, described below. Classes meet on first, second, and third Sundays immediately following the worship service at our Sharonville offices. Lunch is provided. Please register clicking here.

101 - Church

Church 101

Church 101 is an introduction to Bridge of Hope Church. Learn what we believe and why we're here in this introductory class.

Essentials 201

Essentials 201 teaches the essential beliefs that every believer needs to become a fully devoted follower of Christ.

301 - Dream Team

Discovery 301

We believe everyone has a gift and a calling. Our 301 class will help you discover your leadership style and natural abilities

Dream Team 401

Dream Team 401 is about connecting your passion to your purpose. You can put your gifts into action on our Dream Team.