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We can’t be together in person, but that won’t stop us from having church! In fact, WE are the church! Below is our way of bringing the church service into your home. It’s designed to experience as a family. No need to dress up AND you can do it on your own time!


So, gather together and let’s have fun! Share your pictures on your social media platforms using the hashtag #bridgekidscincy.

So, what do you do?

 Gather the family. Watch the video together and learn together!

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Did you give your heart to Jesus?

This is an exciting time in a kid’s life. They’re starting to ask questions about their faith. They’re wondering about God and His love for them. They may be asking a lot of questions about Jesus—questions that you may struggle with yourself, or questions that may not have a simple answer. But that’s okay. This is a starting point for your kid to begin a life-long conversation about faith. Tap or click the button below to access the Salvation Parent Conversation Guide for Kids.

Parents, if you decided to enter a relationship with Jesus Christ, text the word BELIEVE to 513-586-4440 and someone will connect with you on your next steps!

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Conversation Guides

Use these guides to have a conversation with your child or teen to help them navigate what they’re feeling.